Friday, March 27, 2009

My encounter with CFL's

So, today, I stop at a local gas station to refuel my work truck.

And, well, the three cups of coffee I had this morning also dictated a stop inside to use the facilities.

Now, this is a fairly new place, and their bathrooms have motion sensing light switches that operate CFL lights. Anyone that is familiar with these lights, know that they have a warm-up period. Obviously the bathroom had not been used in a while, and so the room remained quite dark, however, cup number three was not going to allow me to wait, so....

I did my business....

Washed my hands.....

And 'bing' the light starts to brighten. I realized then, that I had peed in the garbage can, and had washed my hands in the urinal.

Well, ok, I really didn't, I did use the facilities correctly, but I did walk out of there thinking there are times and places for CFL's.... bathrooms are not one of them.

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