Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did I miss this?

I friend of mine sent me this link. With a little digging on the Times website, I found this article.

This was a report from July 6th, 2008.

Perusal of the New York Times for that day shows a few stories about campaign contributions, the rising gas prices, and the like...
...but no focus on the War in Iraq.

If a story like this had gotten out to the public, through the MSM, what would it have done to the election? Could it be possible that if the vast public knew that Bush really had succeeded in Iraq, would they have been so quick to vote against the Republican party? Would we be watching the first female Vice President preside over the Senate?

More importantly, when Pres. Obama begins to bring the troops home, who will get the credit? Unfortunately, we know the answer to that one. It has been prep'd, staged, and kept in the waiting until the right time appears - when something deviously big-government needs to get through Congress without notice. It's time to start calling Pres. Telepromter out. NO, I am not saying impeachment. Just enough embarrassment to make him a political lame duck for the next three years. Without PresTPT constantly meddling with the economy, the economy correct itself. It would also shine the spotlight on Pelosi, Reed and the like, as they would have to forge ahead on this path to fascism without their Teleprompter'd Marionette to take the heat for any further big-gov policies.

Just remember who REALLY won the war.

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