Thursday, March 12, 2009

An editorial today:

Allow all an equal voice
Re: the March 9 editorial "Market, individuals should say what's fair."
Fairness is a word that ought to apply to the media, don't you think? The opposite would be unfairness, wouldn't it?
Would the right-wing be against the Fairness Doctrine if the left-wing had so many more talk show hosts on the air than the right-wing does? Of course not. Please have the different sides be able to get their messages out to the American people and let them decide.
Stuart Thomas
Stuart. I hate to break this to you. They have. It WAS called 'Air America'. You want to know why it's not on the air? Because liberals do not like talk radio. It's in the nature of the liberal to not care, or not want to be informed. We call informed liberals 'born-again conservatives'. I have lib / dem friends. When I ask them why they don't listen to talk radio, their answer? I'm always listening to [insert punk/rock/rap band here]. To force a company to take on a block of shows that do not bring in the listeners, which means not bringing in sales revenue either bankrupts a station, or forces it to look for more 'cost-effective' options - like rock, rap or alternative music.

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