Monday, March 16, 2009

Media Matters - yes it does!

So it begins. Media Matters is going after it's first victim. CNBC. Yeah, I don't watch it, nor do I bother to pay attention to news stories regarding CNBC. But rather than let the free market dictate the success or failure of a major network station, Media Matters is going to bug, harass, annoy, and be a general pain-in-the-ass to CNBC until they give up. Best part: "to hire economic voices with a track record of being right about the current crisis "

OK, not sure about that, but -and hear me out- if CNBC did such a poor job, and people thought they were full of horse poop, would they not have a viewership? Without ratings, you can't charge for advertising; and without advertising, would you not have money to operate with? Obviously CNBC is doing something right, enough so to keep in business, anyways.

This is going to be the new tack, since the 'Fairness Doctrine' appears to be dead in the water. Go after the opposing viewpoint, use the twitterers and facebookers to make some poor interns life a living hell (well, more than an interns life is already) dealing with all the hate mail. Coerce the management to hire liberal staff - maybe they are calling it Operation Air America? Bring in liberal voices, and force the viewers to go elsewhere, effectively killing the station. Next thing you know, CNBC with be a soft rock / jazz / or pop 40's station (oh wait, that's radio)...

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