Friday, July 3, 2009

Thoughts about Palin's decision...

I've heard a few of the MSM types saying that this is the 'nail in the coffin', that it's over for Gov. Palin.

I disagree.

And this is why: She was looking at a much tougher re-election campaign for the Governorship of Alaska. In addition, she has been attacked and attacked with frivolous lawsuits - which eat up her time, and take her out of being the Gov. of AK, and out of having time to run for future positions...she is no longer being an effective governor to the people that elected her. By Palin recognizing this, she shows that she is more concerned about the people she leads, than her own personal career. Major brownie points won with those of us that are sick of leadership that cares more about their career than their constituents. (cough, McCain, cough).

Secondly, we are in a position in this country of having a GOP with no top leadership. (which is fine, it's 2010, it's not about who's at the top, it's about who's going to take their districts in the House and the Senate). We also have a growing groundswell of independent conservatives combined with a growing grassroots swelling of conservatives coming back to the GOP. Talk radio is fourishing, and numbers are up. Tea Parties the country over are well attended. Very few people tap into all these groups, and are admired within all these groups.

Sarah is one of those people.

She is rough and needs some more studying up on international affairs, and needs to get into the lower 48, see what the rest of the country is struggling with. By resigning, she has just given herself a year to do just that. Travel. Shake hands. Study. Meet with ICons, GOP, Tea Partiers... travel and meet with foreign dignitaries and emissaries. Can she do it? We shall see, but so far, she has my vote!

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  1. To the anonymous person that decided to leave a 4 letter word to describe your feelings on Palin...yeah, leave your name and/or email...I don't accept anonymous hate. At least be man enough to stand up and let everyone know who you are!

    Just a side note - if Gov. Palin really was such a non-threat, why is she driving the left so mad? Maybe because they see Palin as the biggest threat out there, and they know she has a viable chance! Keep crying wolf, lefties, as it just makes me support her all the more!