Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some Great Video Of "Right Wing Extremists!"

Just two quick links, as embedding them just slows down the works...

First off are my videos I took that day:

And then some great videos JonJustice took that day:

Just keep asking yourself... we had this many people turn up, on a day where it was 109 degrees... how do we get this kind of enthusiasm to translate into votes on election day?

The Democrats pulled up in a rickety old bus. They DROVE in protesters. They'll do the same on election day. This is what ACORN does. Ask yourself what YOU can do to counter that kind of drive and ambition to fill the polls. Can you drive in a neighbor or 3 to ensure THEY vote on election day? Will you go door to door over the next few weeks and hand out voter registrations to those independent conservatives that haven't bothered to go to the library themselves to get a voter registration? Will you put a bumper sticker on your car? Will you post something on your facebook or twitter stream every so often so your friends get to meet the candidates  over the internet?

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