Friday, July 17, 2009

An Open Letter To The Pima County Democratic Party


I am a small business owner.

Last year I hired my first employee.

Last fall I had to fire my first employee, thanks to all the additional costs of hiring and retaining employees.

I made $9,700 dollars last year after expenses - not bad for a start-up company, actually. Most take a couple years to turn a profit.

I am on AHCCCS, because I cannot afford health insurance. I qualify for a lot more government welfare and handouts, but because I have a Church family and good friends to fall back on, I refuse to take anything out of the hands of someone at gunpoint (through the IRS).

In other words, I don't want to be leach on society's ass.

This country was founded on the freedom of political discourse, the freedom to peacefully assemble, and the freedom of speech. With only 2 teaparties held, both of them so peacefully held that TPD officers were sent HOME because the were not needed, (the actual quote being "just a bunch of law-abiding citizens being law-abiding") you come out and label the hardworking men and women who give up their time to re-open political discourse in America and in Tucson as "RWE's"?

Are you really THAT afraid of the Tea Party movement? You must be, to be pulling out the stops already. Thanks! We needed that boost, to know that we are being effective, to know that we are making you worried about your stranglehold on politics in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, and the USA. This proves to us that we are not merely 'preaching to the choir' when we hand out information, hold a rally, or speak on talk radio. Thanks for giving all our fence-sitters a reason to get off the fence and join us. Thanks for making it easier to bring in the Independent Voter, who merely wants to vote for a candidate that speaks their mind, not attacks their opponent. Thank-you for making our job easier.

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