Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thou Protesteth Too Much...

Yup, first on the Democrats blog is organizing the counter-protest on the 17th. 

For a bunch of 'fringe right wing extremist groups', they must be awful afraid of what we represent, to pull out all the stops and ask EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT in Tucson to come and counter-protest.

But lets think about this for a second.

April 15th Tea Party = 3800

July 4th Tea Party = 5000

Grijalva's pro Obamacare rally = 500

This is what they fear.

They know Obama is doing the Democratic Party no favors right now. They know Gabby is not doing much better. They know Grijalva is vulnerable, as he just votes party line, and is just as responsible for the economy as anyone else is. 

Already people are waking up to the fact that the rich are who create jobs.

That the rich are who invest in industry.

That socialized medicine is a failure wherever it is implemented.

That you can't make the poorer richer, you only make the richer poorer.

That industry will leave to find better ecomically viable places to do business.

Show up on the 17th. Grijalva's office from 12-2, Gabby "Pink Sweater Set's" office 4-6. Show them that their hold on Tucson, on Arizona, and on the American economy and way of life is slipping!

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