Saturday, June 6, 2009

Napolitano in Tucson...

Here's a quick video of our wonderful ex-governor turned DHS bungler talking about border issues...

Now, here's the skinny of what really happened yesterday:

Apparently the itinerary was to come in, make the speech above at the presser, then go in and meet many various heads of police, sherriff's, and other border LEO groups from both sides of the border, many of whom did not come for the conference that had been held all week, but just to have time to talk to her about the border issue. This was supposed to take a few hours, then back to the airport to go on her merry way.

Instead, again, and I repeat this is speculation and rumor, as there is no means of confirming (however I have no reason not to believe the source) since no one official has said anything abot yesterday's itinerary...

She blew off everyone and went instead to visit a 'friend'. I'll let you do the speculating on that one, however... my concern is this: In a time of increased violence along the border; In a time where we should be putting as much effort as possible into protecting the innocent on both sides; what does it speak to our national interest in actually fighting this border war when the head of DHS blows everyone off to go visit an old friend? More importantly, why can't she visit after meeting with everyone, even if just a quick 1/2 hour hit-n-run shake hands meet-n-greet?

Our law enforcement on both sides of the border, but mainly on the other side, is fighting a war... a brutal and savage war - one that left 11 bodies in a van recently - what does this kind of action tell those in the cartels about how important the US sees those that were brave enough to make themselves a target in this war, by openly attending such a conference? Don't you think those men and women need all the support we can give them? Over the next couple days, they will be returning back to their homes in Sonora, Chihuahua, and elsewhere... just to wonder how soon it will be before their names are listed in a story like the one above?

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