Friday, April 3, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party...

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Ok, I you haven't had a chance to listen to Jon Justice's podcast of his discussion with the Tea Party People, listen to it here.

Now, there are some disturbing things that came out of this segment on the Justice show...

The first is armed response? Already?




Yes, Jefferson has said that the tree of Liberty is watered with the blood of patriots. We are not to that level yet. Nowhere NEAR that level yet. Maybe one day we will. But April 15th is not that day. At this rate, not even 2012 will be the day...

Another thing that came out: That this is a one-shot deal...
It must be more than just one day of protest. It needs to be the starting point of getting rid of our ineffective leadership AT ALL LEVELS. Even now it is already having an effect. Gingrich has come out to the GOP saying pay attention to the party base, or the GOP will split in two. City Council would be a great local starting point. And trust me, I am so glad that we are at City Hall for this event.

Another point that came out? Lack of involvement on the right:
But that is not enough. I have been proudly touting myself as an Independent Conservative. Why? Because I have felt that the GOP has abandoned it's conservative principals. Which it has.

Yet, the Party, just like the US, has it's course set by the people at the bottom that get involved. I sit on the outside looking in, saying I don't like what I see...
Well, that accomplishes nothing. Splitting off to join a 3rd party? Well, that's a sure recipe to lose the 2012 elections.

So, I will put my efforts into a more productive vein, and that is working within the Party. Yes, it may take some time before I see any changes, and if I put my time and effort in, and it still stays what it is, well, I am not there for life. However, I can't just sit on the outside anymore.

And I say to all those coming out to the Tea Party, you cannot sit on the sidelines anymore either. Get involved. Join a group, if not the GOP.

The next question then is who to put into place?

This is the hardest question to answer, but it is also a little early to even look. Yet, maybe what we need right now is to rally around a set of ideals, and look for the candidate that fits the bill later. Maybe by showing a base of support, we can get people to stand up that normally would never have considered it.

So come on out, understand that it's a chance to meet like-minded individuals, and let's have a safe, sane and fun rally that we can carry into further activism!

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