Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yet another stanton piece (of poop).


When I wrote them, my child was not yet 4. Now she's 13, and I've learned what a messy process parenting is.A lot of good parents are starving for help, guidance, answers.

Ok, I want to know where her kid goes to school, cause I am NOT going within firing range of that place for the next 5 years... 

It almost sounds like she is preemptively apologizing for some future tragedy that her kid is going to be involved in. Don't apologize, you had it right the first time. Until they are 18 and out of the house -YOU are the one responsible for them. YOU are the parent, act like one. I don't understand why we have this generation of parents that feel it is necessary to be their kid's "friends". Yeah, it would be nice if they felt that close to you, but we are not here for that. 

We are here to be their parents. To lead and guide them, to love them when they need love, and to discipline them when they need discipline (and don't even start with thinking I am equating discipline with beating them). I am talking about instilling a true sense of personal discipline in them. Teaching them personal and social responsibility - but more so personal responsibility. Showing them that THEY are the cause of their problems, and the source of their solutions, not others, not government. Taking them to Church on Sundays. Taking them to volunteer in the community. Teaching them how to be a good citizen by the example you lead. Teaching them the civics, philosophy, and history public schools do not teach them. 

But most of all = to be their PARENTS, not their best friend!

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