Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So where to next?

If all my time spent on other people's blogs has taught me anything, it's that we are too busy grinding out the same conversation and same logic to the same small set of people over and over and over again...when we should be working together to get the word out. This is why I have begun getting involved in politics, since politics is involved in my life whether I like it or not.

First of all, I am hopefully going to set up a GOP precinct in my area - there was none set up -  and the GOP wonders why they lost the last election? It can't even organize enough to have every suburban and rural/urban area covered... So, I am trying to change that, rather than sit back and complain, and hope someone else does it for me...

I am also getting involved with the local TeaParty group here, trying to promote community involvement to a group that, by nature, does not like to coalesce into a group - 

Did you know conservatives are fiercely independent? Who would have thunk...  How do you take a group of people that are largely independent, and make a group out of them?

Not to mention the serious technology curve - I went to a meeting the other day - not one person there knew how to text message on their phone, didn't know twitter, etc... While there is a huge amount of iterconnected people out there that we could be reaching out to, but how?

Lastly, debating people like Derek (my favorite blogger), for me, at least gives me some ideas on the left's talking points and debate strategies... the more practice I get while debating on blogs, the better equipped I am when debating someone in public. It also forces me to look things up, research topics, etc... as the saturday cartoons taught me, knowledge is power!

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