Thursday, April 16, 2009

Huffington post piece...

did you read this one yet?  I think somewhere in there is a valid point, but what I think she missing is that the people are regaining control of the Republican Party, and taking it out of the hands of the select few that have run the party for the last umpteen years...  Yes, there is going to be pain, yes there is going to be struggles for the conservative viewpoint to be heard through all the rhetoric, but that is what is truly happening right now... this is what is scaring the Dems... the GOP of a year ago was a 'given' a 'known entity' - easy to fight, easy to control... but just like after the fall of the USSR, the US won the Cold War, but then had no 'enemy at the gates'; so is the Democratic Party. They are scared, they do not know who or what is coming, and cannot figure out how to protect or defend themselves from it. I think yesterday was truly a turning point - there is a weakness, the conservatives stumbled upon it, directly or indirectly while holding the tea parties... now we must continue to exploit it!

The weakpoint?  = Logic and reason. They did not 'mess with' the tea parties because we gave them no chance to. The only questionable was the CNN report, poor guy, he tried, but he did not know how to talk on the camera to keep the reporter in her place - I thought he did quite well for being ambushed like that... but if that is the worst they can jump on, then yesterday was a huge success - because continued ambushes and attacks like that will only lead to further alienation of these MSM outlets by the 'masses in the middle' as they realize that MSM really does have an agenda to their broadcasts.

Besides, Rush as a valid spokesperson for the party? Republican, yes, conservative, yes, but also a talkshow host that makes a huge living off of his ratings. So, yeah, give me Boortz or JD over blubberbutt any day, people who hold to their convictions day to day to day; not for ratings, but because that is what they believe in.

 ***Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.***
Peter Schmugge

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