Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great blog post

This is a cut-n-paste from the comments section of a blog that I visit quite often, The National Conversation (RAW), by maddypie2.

Thought it was so good, I would post it to 1. keep it for posterity and 2. use it to start dialogue...

One more thought.

Many libs want to extinguish us like a cigarette.

They are out for their own power and control. The only people they want to debate or convince of their views are the poor, the illegal and the young people who they have brain washed with the fantasy of a utopia made possible by them alone.

Any one with a brain can see a look back in history doesn't back up what they promise. And the only winners with their agenda are the people who are too lazy to do for themselves. They have no pride, they are "victims" of society. They want every thing given to them because are told they are entitled to it. The rich are "evil" And yet without them who will pay the taxes to keep all of these useless people sheltered and fed?

These people who are so willing to give up their rights and freedoms are as bad as the last of the Hurricane Katrina victims who after 4 years will not leave the trailers(even though the vast majority have moved on and made lives for themselves.) And all these people have to do is get out of the trailers and move to another government run housing project,but they are too lazy. 
They have trashed those trailer because they are trash themselves.

My point is there are so many people out there who have no values or morals that it blows our minds to think about it.

Between the people who don't care and the people who are so naive to believe all of this government spending is the key to having all of the things they want but don't have to earn, it is easy to see where our Country is going in the immediate future.

We should never stop trying to have our view points and ideas heard, but we are wasting our time talking about this with people like gant. There are many many people out there who think like us and want to make a better future for our children and ourselves. There are shell shocked people out there that realize they voted for the wrong person, the wrong hope and change.

Let conservatives start thinking of new ways to get our ideas across and not be put off by the effort we may have to make to do it.

This is our "1776" a time to reinforce the Constitution of our Founding Fore Fathers and to learn from mistakes we have all made. History does prove that you can fight the good fight and win. But it is a commitment and every one who believes in our Country has to live that commitment every day.

The libs have waited and bid-ed their time to get to this point of turning our lives and our world upside down.

If they can do it for their self indulgent evil reasons. We can surly do it for the good of all.

Wow, I guess that was a pretty long thought!

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