Sunday, August 16, 2009

TUSD, Unions, and crying wolf.

The AZ Star is reporting today that 400 of 560 teachers who were laid off at the end of last summer, have now been rehired and are back on staff... What you don't see from the headline is that there are still 100 open positions.
This means 500 of 560 positions are being rehired. Additionally, the headline does not tell you that another 185 staff positions were also rehired. That makes the number 695 of 745 positions that were terminated last spring.
Why all the hullabaloo then last spring?  Because the unions were afraid of losing funding during the budget crisis in the State Legislature. NOTE, the only monies being reduced in the budget is soft capital - books, buildings, etc. The legislature is NOT touching the teachers/staff salaries monies. The only group affecting those revenue streams is the local school boards through their budgets and bonding issues.
So 93% of the terminated positions are being filled. Its gets the SHORTEST and SMALLEST article it can, on a Sunday morning, when the paper is the fullest and biggest. Why? Bury the story. Don't make the Teacher's Unions look like they are crying wolf. Next year, when they pull the same CR@P, remember this! This is the game they play to squeeze every tax dollar they can out of you to further their agenda - and by the test scores that the children place? Yeah, we know the agenda is not education.

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