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FW: Rep. Giffords a no-show at her own event due to Tea Partiers -- then lies and says she never meant to go!

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Date: Friday, August 07, 2009 6:15:22 pm
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Subject: Rep. Giffords a no-show at her own event due to Tea Partiers -- then lies and says she never meant to go!

On August 6 at 7 p.m., Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) hosted an outdoor
movie night at La Placita Cinema downtown. However, because she has been
hiding from her constituents and has so far refused to hold a townhall
regarding the healthcare bill, we all figured it would be a
[] good idea to show up and let her
know how unhappy we are with the bill.

She was supposed to show up for the movie event -- it's her event, after
all! -- but then told a Fox 11 reporter that she was not going to attend
because she feared the protesters would "disrupt the movie". Apparently she
thinks that supporters of the Tucson Tea Party are part of an unruly mob!

All I saw were 200-300 concerned citizens!

Then, on the Fox 11 broadcast that night
video here), she accused the Tucson Tea Party of misrepresenting the event
as a town hall and said she never intended to go to the event at all!

Nothing could be further from the truth. Gabrielle Giffords sent out a
message in her "Cactus Roots Connection" newsletter about her intended
appearance at the event, saying: "Come join me and others in watching this
classic film... Hope to see you there! Thank you again for your support!
Sincerely yours, Gabrielle Giffords."

A copy of the message is posted on the
LD26 Democrats blog. The La Placita Cinema's
[] Twitter feed also
says: "Thurs. Aug. 6 our Congressperson Gabrielle Giffords will be at CLP
to see 'Mr. Smith goes to Washington'. Come say 'hi' and see a movie!"

Gabrielle Giffords is hiding from her constituency at a time when she
needs to start listening to them. She showed true cowardice by failing to
appear at her own event in the face of public protest.

She did the exact same thing in Douglas, where she forced constituents to
wait in line to talk to her one-on-one before turning the rest away rather
than speak openly with her constituents
([] video here).

The reality is that there was no unruly mob, which was apparent to
everyone who attended. There were only concerned constituents who showed up
to the only public appearance she planned to make in Tucson during the
recess. And the only reason we were there was to ask her for one public
townhall in which we could voice our concerns.

In fact, rather than disrupt the movie night, Tea Partiers helped the La
Placita Cinema set up their chairs!

By not showing up to her own event because of fears that her constituents
would "disrupt the movie", Giffords showed not only cowardice by failing to
defend her position on government-run healthcare, but disrespect and
disdain for her own constituency. Essentially, she is calling the
protesters uncivilized and not worth her time.

I also invite you all to check out the videos, pictures, and news coverage
of the event and judge for yourself if these people are part of an unruly
mob (posted below "Protest News"). I just don't see it where they get that

More Protest News:

Several groups will be protesting outside of Giffords' office on Saturday,
August 8 at 9 a.m. Her office is located on the SW corner of Pima & Swan.
While this is not a Tucson Tea Party organized protest, I know that many of
our supporters will be there and feel that it is important for other Tea
Partiers to know about it.

The Tucson Tea Party will be participating in the Nationwide Recess Rally
in front of Giffords' office. While the nationwide rally will be at noon on
Saturday, August 22, we believe there are significant disadvantages to that
time including the heat, lack of traffic, no news media on hand, and nobody
present at Giffords' office.

Therefore, The Tucson Tea Party rally will take place on Friday, August 21
between 4 - 7 p.m. at Gabrielle Giffords' office on Pima and Swan! The last
rally on July 17 had 500 people attend. Let's make this one 1000 at least!

Please check [] and our
[] Event Calendar for more

Videos, Pictures, and News Coverage

[] Arizona Daily Star: Jamar Younger
did a good job providing fair coverage of the event.

[] Fox 11:
Gabby lies and says that she never intended to be at the movie event.

Flickr Pictures: Check out this Flickr set to see pictures from the

Videos: Here's a video of the []
protest around 6:00 p.m. and another of
[] Jon Justice speaking.

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