Saturday, August 8, 2009

FW: First we're "extremists", now Gabrielle Giffords calls us RACISTS

Subject: First we're "extremists", now Gabrielle Giffords calls us RACISTS

As you all remember, before our July 17 protest in front of Rep. Gabrielle
Giffords' (D-AZ), the [] Pima County
Democratic Party labeled the Tucson Tea Party and its supporters, "an
extremist organization whose mission is to promote the far-right wing's
agenda and to support candidates who have fallen tragically out of touch
with the values of mainstream Arizonans."

Then, on August 6, Giffords hosted a movie night at La Placita Cinema
downtown in which she was supposed to make an appearance. 200 - 300
concerned citizens
showed up to let her know that they wanted a public townhall in which to
voice their concerns given that she had scheduled none during the recess.

Giffords did not show up to her own event, saying that she had never
planned to go and that she believed the Tea Partiers would disrupt the
movie. We [] caught her in this lie by
exposing that she was, in fact, scheduled to attend the event and was
simply hiding from her constituents.

Now, our Representative has raised the stakes to a new, terrible height.

In an interview with Daniel Scarpinato of the Arizona Daily Star, she said
things about all of us that will make you cringe.

She said that we are using MANIPULATION and RACISM to mislead people! She
also said that shewas threatened by a protester with a gun while down in
Douglas and that she feels worried for her life! (Of course, this
revelation was only made to Mr. Scarpinato, as I didn't see that covered in
any newspaper nor was anyone put in jail for this supposed threat of

Does your Representative, Gabrielle Giffords, truly believe that her
constituents are racists because they oppose the government's takeover of
the economy? Does she truly believe that we are an unruly mob of racists
that want to end her life? Don't take my word for it.
[] Just read the

That is what she is actually saying about you. Now compare these lies to
reality, captured in this
KGUN9 news report from today's protest at her office, which both the news
station as well as Tucson Police described as completely peaceful and
without incidence.

Of course it was peaceful! There is no mob! That whole meme is a complete
fabrication! Every event the Tucson Tea Party has ever done has been
peaceful. In fact, I would be hard pressed to think of a more civil,
law-abiding group of concerned citizens.

Gabrielle Giffords is running face first into uncharted territory by
hiding from her constituents, outright lying about them, and calling them
racists. The pressure is causing her to make critical mistakes and reveal
just what she thinks about her constituents. It is time to up that pressure
now more than ever.

The [] Tucson Tea Party is organizing
a mass Recess Rally in front of her office on August 21st between 4 - 7
p.m. at her Pima & Swan office. We will be sending out several emails over
the next two weeks with more information about how you can participate in
this rally.The last rally had approximately 500 people attend -- this one
needs double or triple that!

In the meantime, continue to call Giffords' office at 520-881-3588 and let
her know what you think of her slanderous remarks!

Now that we've been called extremists, racists, and mobsters, what else
could they possibly come up with?

Please forward this email to anyone interested, and thank you for
continuing to be civil even as our Congresswoman demeans us publicly.

Robert Mayer

Co-Organizer, [] Tucson Tea Party

This message was sent by: Tucson Tea Party, 140 W Vista Grande Dr., Tucson, AZ 85704

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1 comment:

  1. Whether or not Gabby claimed she was going to be there and then backed out or this or that, can you really blame her for not wanting to be around given what's happening at town halls in other parts of the country?

    That freedom of speech thing works both ways... and not just for free-market Conservatives.