Saturday, May 2, 2009

Notice something? I do....

I was checking out the Agenda for the next Pima County Supervisors Meeting (May 5, 2009). I noticed a trend, maybe you will notice it too... Something about tea parties, grass roots efforts, etc.... Think maybe, just maybe 2010 will be a little different when it comes time to the vote?

Pursuant to A.R.S. §16-821B, approval of Precinct Committeemen resignations and appointments:

Burgess, Patricia H. 010 DEM
Edmunds, James B. 091 REP
Kinsey, Adam D. 103 DEM
Benedict, Ruth L. 345 DEM
Kennedy, Michael M. 395 REP

Schmugge, Peter H. 005 REP
Wilcox, Brook E. 005 REP
Wishnick, Yale 008 REP
Hamed, Sami Y. 019 DEM
Kinsey, Adam D. 045 DEM
Fimbres, Mary L. 064 DEM
Fimbres, Richard G. 064 DEM
Davis, Vicki 088 REP
Tumpes, Sandra S. 088 REP
Curtis, George H. 091 REP
Sutton, Katherine L. 100 GRN
Venne, Marilyn R. 100 REP
Martin, Marjory 108 REP
Watts, Michael A. 118 REP
Hutchison, Joyce A. 141 REP
Lowe, Doug 163 REP
Lowe, Penny 163 REP
Donatelli, Esther 171 REP
Donatelli, Jeff 171 REP
Wagner, James R. 188 REP
Pine, Dan L. 193 REP
Nevins, Donald L. 202 REP
Markhart, William T. 203 REP
Holden, Phyliss A. 205 REP
Lee, Linda P. 206 REP
Perry, Glenn M. 214 REP
Perry, Marjorie S. 214 REP
Yee, Marilyn A. 214 REP
Summers, Bret W. 223 REP
Summers, Fabiola A. 223 REP
Fields, Tom W. 224 REP
Scheller, Pat A. 224 REP
Herrell, Emily J. 231 DEM
Strasburg, Jack E. 236 GRN
McLaughlin, Jeff A. 242 REP
Buino, Terrence M. 246 REP
Kelly, Aubrey Y. 261 REP
Peyton, Laura 261 REP
Bengds, Erik E. 269 REP
McDonald, Steven J. 280 REP
Butler, Seth A. 281 REP
Origer, Mara L. 290 DEM
Langione Hillwig, Denise N. 310 REP
Reynolds, Merton D. 318 REP
Blanchard, Jean P. 328 REP
Blanchard, Mark 328 REP
MacInnes, Darlene R. 328 REP
Romanowski, Jolanta 328 REP
Ferrell, Denise A. 359 REP
Hagge, Ruth L. 359 REP
Leslie, Jennifer I. 359 REP
Flowers, Judith A. 376 REP
Flowers, Odis E. 376 REP
Thomas, Steve N. 385 REP
Pickett, Christopher H. 391 REP
Egbert, Kara S. 392 REP
Matthews, Rachel M. 392 REP
Walton, Cade A. 392 REP
Walton, Michelle M. 392 REP
Hann, Gina R. 393 REP
Botsko, Joseph A. 415 REP
Tanberg, Mary E. 417 REP
CC 5-5-09 (3)

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